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Complete Collection of PT3 2019 Tips

Order our Complete Collection of PT3 2019 Tips today while you can. We are proud to say that we are preparing the most reliable exam tips book for PT3 this year. Thank you for those who have purchased Pasti Skor.


PT3 Timetable 2019

PT3 Timetable 2019 will be out 1 month before exam date. We will update the links for you nearing the exams. Meanwhile you can download the draft timetable from Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia at this link : PT3 TIMETABLE and dont forget to browse through our website and facebook page to learn and know more about Pasti Skor.


PT3 Malaysia

Pt3(Pentaksiran Tingkatan Tiga) Malaysia is an examination taken by all form 3 students in Malaysia.