All of us are well aware that UPSR (with the PPSR as the base approach exam format) are around the corner. Overloading stress, hectic schedules (extra classes and tuition programs) and not to forget all of the bundles of exercise books might your part and parcel of life (temporarily, I supposed). Worries aside as I am here to provide a solid guidelines for having/making the best “2019 UPSR EXAM TIPS”. Hence don’t forget to browse into www.pastiskor.com.my to get question banks and more exam-focused questions!

Mathematics/Math/Mt tips

To find for “UPSR MATHS 2019 Tips”, just go online and type math UPSR exam tips 2019 or just mt UPSR EXAM TIPS 2019. In BM, just type soalan ramalan UPSR 2019 matematik. You should also do more exercises. As the saying goes “practice makes a person perfect”, always do or perhaps redo the exercises. As the current PPSR syllabus focuses more on Higher order thinking (HOTs in short) questions, do focus on difficult questions. Make full use of your textbooks and reference books for better understanding of the concepts and methods of answering. Not to forget, completing all past years’, trial papers (different state especially KELANTAN and TERENGGANU/SBP/MRSM). Here are a few things to do before the actual exam!

  • List out all important formulas.
  • When encountering difficult questions, understand the method of answering them and how marks are being allocated.
  • Perform difficult questions on daily basis.
  • Do 2-3 set questions daily (increase when exams are near)
  • Do not hesitate of doing any type of questions.

English tips

Many students have the perception that English paper (UPSR) is quite difficult. I would say that if you know the proper technique of answering, understanding the questions’ patterns and the basic grammatical rules will ensure a legit A in this subject. Of course, doing many practices (especially on paper 2) will help in improving your sentence construction, good grammar grasp and enriched vocabulary.

Use linkers like “In addidtion”, “Moreover”, “Besides”, “Therefore”, “Hence”, “In conjunction with this”, “Plus”, “Finally”, “To sum up the foregoing”.

  • If possible, use bombastic words (not to the extend of confusing the examiner/ wrong usage or words/ delivering wrong meanings despite something that is supposed to be answered)
  • Read more books, newspapers or article for better comprehension of the questions/ the language.
  • Have a set target or doing at least 3 essays per week (should be increased when exam is just around the corner)
  • Complete paper 1 set questions everyday!

Follow these steps for achieving good grades in your English 2019 UPSR papers!!

Science/Sc tips

Use the internet as your effective medium of education. Just type “soalan ramalan UPSR sains 2019”, “bank questions science UPSR 2019”. You can have varieties of questions with multiple difficulties. First things first, let me show you on a proper way to study this subject for scoring an A in science!

  • Read, study and understand each and every topics.
  • Fully use reference books and textbooks for better understanding of the difficult topics.
  • DO SHORT NOTES for every chapters.
  • Also compose your own mind maps- this is important for better picture of every topics.
  • Once done with reading part, you have to really understand the questions’ patterns and method of answering.
  • Do more practices (1-2 sets per day at least)
  • Have a target to complete every past years’ paper and trial papers.
  • It will also be recommendable to buy “soalan ramalan” questionnaire from pastikor
  • From here, you can get a better idea of the “should-be” coming out questions based on the frequency of topics being tested in previous papers.
  • Have more focus on subjective questions (weighs more marks)
  • One day before the exam, just go through every topics (short notes) and difficult questions

Bahasa Melayu/BM tips

Let’s divulge into the most awaited and difficult subject in UPSR! Bahasa Melayu/ BM has always been a major concern for every students sitting UPSR exam. All of us know that this subject is divided into two papers (Pemahaman and Penulisan).

*Tips for scoring an A in “Pemahaman”*

  1. Read as many articles, newspapers (preferably “Utusan Melayu”) as possible to grasp the basic knowledge of the language.
  2. The best way of scoring this paper is MORE AND MORE PRACTICE!
  3. For every sets of papers done, write down the meaning of every difficult words (in options).
  4. Memorise the meaning of difficult words.
  5. Do not lose hope in doing this paper, be diligent to master this language!
  6. Complete at least 1-2 set questions everyday.
  7. Complete all past years’ and trial papers (different states especially KELANTAN and TERENGGANU/SBP/MRSM)

*Tips fo scoring an A in “Penulisan”*

  1. For essays, it is advisable to read all sample essays. This is to ensure the proper way of answering and to build up the interest of your examiner (your ultimate goal).
  2. Write out essays every day and show them to your teacher for evaluation purpose.
  3. Try out all past years’, trials papers.
  4. Do familiarize yourself of doing mind maps to project out your points when drafting your essay.
  5. Ensure to memorize good quotes (from legendary philosophers/academician), traditional idioms (to express better language proficiency) and proverbs. Do also take note that all of these elements should be of best fit for your essay (to deliver what is asked in the question/not out of topic).
  6. The usage of eloquent language will be a plus point for you as it will give impressionable effect to your examiner- also remember not to use wrong choice of words which will end up confusing your examiner.

 To sum up everything, at the end of the day, always do your best and be hard working enough to attain good grades in the upcoming UPSR 2019. Last but not least, we are proud to mention that Pastiskor provides quality exam tips and “soalan ramalan” for the upcoming UPSR exam. Visit our main page for full details.

All the best and good luck in your exam!!


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