Tips for Effective Study

Time Management

Students are advised to manage their time wisely by scheduling their daily activities . The longest time a person can concentrate in their studies without taking a break is 45 minutes, students is advised to take a break every 45 minutes to relax their mind. This helps students to focus more when they continue on the chapter they stop previously. Managing time in a day is not a hard task to accomplish; all you have to do is know what you need to do for the day and separate time for every activity. Train yourself to rush since time is not going to chase you, you are supposed to chase the time for success.

Don’t Miss Classes

Students are kindly advised not to miss their classes. This comes in handy especially nearing the exam month; every class held will be important because the exam questions will be based on the materials given or the exercises done in class. Neglecting time is not going to bring you anywhere. There’s plenty of time to have fun after the exams . You should avoid truancy if your aim is to succeed with excellence. Always do keep in touch with teachers and ask them doubts if you do not understand a specific topic.

Preparing Short Notes

Students are advised to prepare short notes or mind maps to get a clear picture on a specific topic. Short notes help you memorize important points. Carry along your short notes or mind maps no matter where you go, whenever you have a few minutes break or relaxing time, just go through the notes to recall the topics you went through.

Set a Goal

Set a goal and push yourself to achieve it. I have heard many saying that they are just going with the flow . Going with the flow is like running with no direction or purpose . Have a goal and it will bring you somewhere in life. Write down a one-line goal, and always refer to it whenever you need motivation.


Students are advised to give 100% concentration during their lessons. Concentrating in class when teachers are teaching will help you understand the topics better. Take notes on chapters, which you feel that is important. Keep yourself away from distraction during lessons.

Best time to study

If you are a morning person, studying early in the morning works but if you are an afternoon or an evening person then that particular time works for you. It all depends on us . Students are advised to study calculations during evening and theory based subjects such as biology or science early in the morning. This is because; the morning environment helps our mind to understand better and increases our memorizing power.

Revision or Group Study

It is good to have a couple of friends to share ideas and thoughts on difficult questions and topics. Group studies usually helps if you find it difficult to study alone as there will not be anyone to communicate with, if you do not understand a specific chapter. Gather some friends who are in the same form and start studying today.

Preparation towards Examination

Firstly , to all those who are in a relationship at this young age , you guys are kindly advised to take things lightly at the moment . That helps you to concentrate more on your studies and your future. Secondly, food matters the most, breakfast is a very important part in our daily life, missing it may causes tiredness the whole day. Raisin (kismis) helps us to increase memory power. Drink a lot of water to stay hydrated . Get yourself enough sleep. 6-8 hours sleep helps us concentrate well in our studies the following day.