Greetings to everyone out there! If you stumble upon this article, I am sure you are one of those students out there sitting for major public examinations (UPSR, PT3,SPM,STPM,etc) for 2021. Speaking from experience (after going through all of these exams), it wouldn’t be an easy journey to achieve top notch results. You will have bumpy times to make sure you master each and every chapters but at the end of the day, you will find all of your efforts to be worthy when you see legit “straight A’s” onto your exam slip. Let’s divulge into the prime importance of exam tips (a key to success)!

Helps you to do your “last-minute” revisions.

For all of you sitting UPSR/PT3/SPM 2021, remember that last minute preparations does not mean cramping each and every chapters at the eleventh hour! Do not ever burn the midnight oil at the last minute (it would not work at all!!). Last minute revisions are the another style/method of going through all major formulas, techniques or answering,or in simple words reinforcing your understandings and memory of every chapters.


One of the ultimate successful ways of performing this “last-minute” standards would be of doing/studying the exam tips. While it would not be a necessity that whatever is sculpted in the exam tips to exactly into your exam papers, but, at the end of the day, you will understand the patters of questions and the proper techniques of answering them!


Before we move on to the next tips, I would love to show you a step by step procedures of last-minute practices that you can embed one day before your exams:

a) Have a thorough look into your notes (also includes those tiny bits of scribbling).
b) Write back all of those formulas that you have memorize earlier (at least 2 times)
c) Read back all of the answers for HOTs questions (to better understand the questions’ needs and criteria to attain the fullest marks out of it).
Try out all of the Past Years’ and Trials’ (from different state, SBP,MRSM) Questions.

This is a “must-to-be-completed” task! Do include this into your checklist and make sure to COMPLETE ALL at least 2 weeks before your exams. In order for you to strike all of the questions, you should instill assertiveness, discipline and diligence to do all of the past years’ and trials’ questions (at the beginning stage I’ll admit its never an easy thing but always remember, there are no shortcuts to achieve success!). Most of the higher achievers of these public examinations candidates have also claimed that this method improves their grades at the last minute! Let’s not be hesitant in doing all of the questions especially trials papers from different states as different variations of questions helps students to understand the complexity of questions.

Exam tips enrollment save students’ time.

All of us are aware that “Time is Gold” and that time is so precious that managing wisely are a part and parcel in one’s life. I would say that studying exam tips will be efficient especially when doing last minute revisions. However, it is not recommendable to solely focus 100% on it.


Let’s move on to the next question that might be causing perplexity among all, “What are the ways to prepare exam tips?”.


a.Do analysis of past year questions. You can do this by reviewing all of the chapters that came out in the past years (your target should be on subjective questions, essay topics and experiment related questions). For calculation subjects like Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, etc, exam tips would be imperative especially on the accurate methods needed to be used for certain questions and the specific methods that must be used in some other questions. You may also divide your analysis (depending on the subjects and type of papers-objective,subjective,experiment). There are also certain books that have already provided the data analysis of the past year questions (can be used for previewing your analysis’s accuracy and precision).


b.Do analysis of states trial papers. This can only be done manually (exemptions for MRSM and SBP trial papers, whereby they provide analysis of their past trial papers in their published books!). Trial exams are very important as they conjoined the most “important” and “might be coming out” questions/chapters in the real exams. I would admit that trial papers are at times way more difficult than the actual exam, however, do not easily give up, as “a smooth sea does not make a skillful sailor”. Not to forget, do challenge yourself with MRSM and SBP trial papers as their questions are mostly comprises of difficult questions (speaking from experience).


c.Ask teacher or utilize the internet. Nowadays, there are many websites that provide exam tips. Still, I would recommend all of you to purchase “Pastiskor Book” (you may save up many time from doing analysis on your own). “Pastiskor Book” contains 100% accurate analysis of exam tips and trust me, you are able to score really higher grades from it! Why waiting now? Browse into their website www.pastiskor.com.my . Its a very reliable source in which around 80% of students that utilize this book have achieve tremendous results! Do not hesitate to spend some amount of money onto this precious book! Grab this golden opportunity now before its too late!

Before ending this article, allow me to sum up all of my given tips:
• Avoid last-minute studying!
• Use last-minute revisions for reviewing back all of your exam tips and ways of tackling difficult questions.
• It would be advisable to use exam tips from reliable sources (also visit www.pastiskor.com.my ).
• You may also do your own analysis.
• Try out all past years’ and trials’ (different states, SBP and MRSM) questions.
• Do not give up no matter how difficult the questions might be (there isn’t any shortcut in the road to success).
• Schedulized your routine (only till your exam finish).