Hello there (SPM candidates)! Time is clocking by and the level of nervousness submerge with my inner-questions might be tickling your daily basis. Don’t worry! You will only be facing such exam-related traumas only for the meantime (approximately another 3-5 months). Once SPM is over, you will enjoy all the post-exam joyous moments (like seriously that will be the only time you will be free for a longer period of time- unless you opt for any part time jobs). Let’s frame now into the important part of this article i will narrow down into in-depth analysis for each and every subjects (core subjects in particular).


One of my favorite subjects in SPM! Many students faced difficulties in grasping an A ranging (A-,A,A+) scores. This would be simply because of the perception that English is a difficult language and only those who are really “proficient” in this language can score. I would love to highlight on the exact effective ways to score good grades in SPM English paper!

  1. Paper 1- testing your comprehension, literature accuracy and summarizing compatibility.
  • Focus more on summary section (the easiest but many fail to reap the highest scores)- Learn, understand and apply the correct techniques on answering this section. Avoid the usage of overly bombastic words (might cause the meaning of sentence to differ from the original ones or can also negate the actual meaning of the words used). A simpler, precise and accurate words choice would be effective in aiming a perfect score.
  • For literature-related questions, it is very important to understand the story line of the novel (comprise of its moral values, characterizations, plot, lessons learned). The best tips for this section is to have in-depth understanding of the novel (the story).
  • The rest of paper 1 are more or like just requires your basic understanding of the language (GRAMMAR).
  • Do more practice (preferably 1-2 sets every day)
  • Try “soalan ramalan SPM 2018”, past years’ questions and trial question papers (every states-MAKE SURE TO COMPLETE KELANTAN AND TERENGGANU/SBP/MRSM).
  1. b) Paper 2- mainly tests on your language proficiency, ideas stimulation (ways ideas are expressed and deliver in impeccable way) and knowledge agility (how vast your ideas are in entitling the essay questions). I would love to focus more on continuous writing (weighs highest mark).
  • Practice, practice and practice! Set goal to at least complete 3 essays every week.
  • For argumentative essays, read more articles related to technology, social media, parenting,social problems, etc. Try out all these essay topics:-

1) What are the effects of teenagers exposed to a bad environmental parenting?

2) How does social media affect youngsters in a positive way?

3) “Students should be allowed to bring electronic gadgets to school for educational purposes”. Do you agree or disagree?

  • For narrative essays, the most important elements are your language suitability, story in-line with the question, no squirreling of the story (students tend to make this mistake by using overly bombastic words or words that does not make any literal connections with the sentence in order to deliver something that is supposed to be understood by the examiner)

“Bahasa Melayu” papers in SPM are not difficult to score if compared to other subjects. This paper involves more of technical approach rather than wordings compatibility. Let’s digest into the effective ways of scoring this paper!

Paper 1- tests your grammar (Tatabahasa), applications of grammar into simple and complex sentence structure, “Rumusan”, literature components.

  • The same method is applicable into this paper: Practice, practice and practice!
  • I would strongly recommend you to complete 2-3 sets everyday.
  • This is to ensure you understand the overall grasp of questions pattern in this paper 1.
  • For “rumusan”, it is very important to score legit high marks. Trust me, it is easy to score this section as all of the important points are already in the text (usually more than 5). Use simple and meaningful words to create good impressions for your examiner.
  • For literature component, understand every elements in the novel and poems. Avoid memorizing all values/lessons learned/themes/settings.
  • For grammar-based questions, understand the techniques of answering these questions.
  • As usual, aim to complete all past years’, trials (SBP/MRSM/all states especially KELANTAN and TERENGGANU).
  1. b) Paper 2- generally tests on your language proficiency.

My tips are simple for paper 2. Do more questions and if possible write a minimum of 3-4 essays per week. Do memorize all good words, paragraph connectors and philosophical quotes for better expression of your idea. Write as much as you can (more than the minimum word requirement).


Let get this right, many students that I have interviewed came up with the ideology that Add Maths is difficult. On average, many students list this subject as a “must-go” tuition policy. Based on my experience and studying methods, I realized that Additional Mathematics is rather fun and enjoying than tough and disappointed. Here are the sorted best tips that can make you realize the pro side of this subject.

  1. Practice makes us perfect. In this case, consistent practice sharpens your concept’s understanding, techniques of answering and the overall comprehension of the questions being asked (most of them are not direct, hence mastering every chapter is a MUST).
  2. You must do at least 2 sets per day (comprise of paper 1 and 2).
  3. Exercise books are the best companion for understanding the concepts.
  4. I would recommend all of you to purchase books that provide step-by-step methods.
  5. During the first phases, it might be difficult to actually get all questions right, hence, having the right attitude should be garnered.
  6. Accept failures and keep on trying every questions.
  7. Once you have fully master the concepts, move on with more challenging and difficult questions.
  8. Don’t forget to complete all trial exam questions and past years’ papers.

Modern Mathematics/ModMt

Basically this subject requires more practice and is of more technical-approach. Its an easy-to-score subject that only requires more understanding. The tips are almost the same as Additional Mathematics, however, make sure to give more accurate, precise and simple answers as the question patterns are likely similar than previous years.


Over the past years, many students find it difficult to score an A in Biology. Many students tend to have inefficient method of studying Biology. Some may memorize each and everything in a hardcore way and some might only understand the key concepts. Practically, to get good grades in Biology, one needs to both memorize and understand its concept, key concepts and techniques of answering. We need to be aware that the answer schemes are quiet strict and straightforward. Therefore, lets indulge into the exam tips for better results!

  • Paper 1- test students knowledge and basic understanding of every chapter.
  • For this section, just do all past years’ paper, trial papers (all states/SBP/MRSM)
  • To score this section, in order to understand the concepts, do mind maps and flash cards.
  • Use highlighters to mark all important key words (for future usage/revising before SPM)
  • Paper 2 (subjective)- tests students in-depth understanding on the concept and indulging into defined technique of answering (including key points)
  • Practice answers the question of scoring into this section.
  • Practically, try to score all definition and concept based questions (carries quite a large number of marks too!)
  • Avoid usage of too flowery language! Just use simple and accurate language. Most importantly, deliver the important remarks to your examiner.
  • Memorize all important definitions and flow charts (like the digestive system etc)
  • Make good use of highlighters, stick notes and combine all of your notes you accumulate (from tuition, classroom, internet, library) into a junk of your own notes. This will be in handy for future usage as well.
  • Paper 3 (essay)- here comes the interesting part. Applications-based questions (the typical Bio questions).
  • This is the most difficult part of the exam.
  • Use simple language and make sure every sentence worth at least 1 mark. Do not write for the sake of making your essay to look long.
  • Read every answer scheme for every questions you encounter (Of course compare with your own answers)
  • From that, analyze where you may loose and gain marks.



Physics are more of like a calculation-based exam that also tests on its applications into daily lives (like what concept is used in launching rockets?). Here are the few effective tips to score Physics SPM 2018!

  • One of the best way of studying physics are by studying them through diagrams/illustrations/graphics. This will illustrate your in-depth understanding on its concepts (mostly motion as its an abstract form of movement).
  • Reference books are a must-have item for every Physics students. Try to have at least 2 books (different brands may deliver different contents and helps in improving your basic understandings)
  • Once done with the theroretical part, warm up with some concept-based exercises like the ones in exercise books. This process will improve your technical skills in tackling certain types of questions and methods of solving them as well.
  • Avoid memorizing Physics!
  • As usual, strengthen this subject scores by doing set questions, trial exam questions (all states especially KELANTAN and TERENGGANU/SBP/MRSM) and past years.


One of my most favorite subjects. This is due to the accomplished fact that Chemistry is easy to understand (it only gets complicated when lack of practice). Many students find them to be ultimately daunting as they have a very legit perception that “chemistry is boring”. This subject at most, does not require much memorization (except for Electro Chemical Series (ECS),colors of salts, name of processes,certain definitions).

The most basic method of scoring an A in SPM Chemistry is simply by understanding each and every chapters. You need to be aware that every chapters in Chemistry are interconnected and missing out one of them may lead to difficult/major problems in the upcoming chapters. Do make sure all of you have a strong grasp over the first 4 chapters in form 4 as they are the most basics! Have at least 1 reference book, a mind map illustrated book/flash cards and self-composed short notes as these will be in handy during your last minute revisions a day before your actual exam.

Why many students fail to score an A in Chemistry SPM? Sadly, the percentage of students failed in this subject is in an alarming rate. In alligned with the new SPM format and syllabus, scoring in this subject is no longer an excuse, just be patient,diligent and more persistent in encountering difficult questions and concepts. Practice a lot! No matter how easy or difficult a question, face them! There is also no harm in looking into the answer schemes of any questions that you can’t answer. This may help in making you understand the questions’ needs and way of answering them as well as the type of questions being asked (conceptualized, application, understanding and knowledge).


This subject encompasses of 90% memorization (only its definitions and key words) and 10% critical thinking skills. Basically, its easy to score an A for this subject, in contrast, what makes them a burden is the credibility to score a solid A+. Even through the differences are not that typical but only a mere fine line between an A scorer and an A+ scorer; their vast knowledge and proper techniques of answering. Do more practice (especially on essays) and visit www.pastiskor.com.my for quality exercises!


These 3 subjects have one thing in common: 95% memorization! And that’s the reason why I believe of compressing them under the same roof. I am going to provide you with top notch ways on improving your memorizing skills and its enrichment to retain that memory.

  • Apply “S-U-M”. Study, understand and memorize. This 3-step approach is very easy to follow and can make your process to womble every information at ease.
  • Make full use of mind maps, sticky notes and highlighters.
  • Short notes should be made once you have really master every chapters. Compose this notes without looking at any references.
  • By doing so, you can improve your mental alertness.
  • Drink more water and if possible avoid processed food and sugary items.
  • Garnish each and every of your memorized facts.
  • Once you are confident with your facts, hop on into the techniques of answering.


I would agree that PA (Prinsip Perakaunan, in short) is a hardcore subject. I am delight to present an in-depth analysis for scoring high in this subject.

  • For paper 1, try your best of answering all questions. Do not leave blank at any stake.
  • Usually, the dates in the given documents will be arranged in ascending order, hence, just follow/gel aligned with them.
  • For imbangan duga, remember all of the essential and correct format.
  • Always remind yourself that for this subject, a neat and systematical answers earn better remarks from examiners.
  • Do not miss any details when answering especially for journal am!
  • Also, do not waste time to get Imbangan duga balanced as there are no marks will be given for a balanced account.